Learning to Live With Pets

Ball Pythons Are Great For New Snake Owners

You may have decided that a reptile would make the right pet for you. Now, you have to decide what type of reptile you want. You can choose from lizards, turtles, and snakes. If you like the idea of owning a snake, consider a ball python. Here are reasons why ball pythons make good pets, especially for reptile beginners: 

Ball pythons are docile snakes

When you finally decide to get a pet, you probably like the idea of handling that pet. If you get an aggressive reptile, you're probably not going to handle it. Since ball pythons are more docile, you can bring them out and carry them around. You can even take them places once they are used to being handled. 

Ball pythons won't get too big

Some snakes can grow to be very large. As they grow, you'll need to replace their habitat with a larger one to accommodate their new size. Ball pythons stay pretty small, usually not growing much more than a few feet long. This means you can start with an enclosure that's going to work for them now, as well as after they've grown. Their smaller size also ensures they'll remain easy to bring out. When snakes grow so large they can wrap around your entire body, it can be hard to handle them. 

Ball pythons are hardy 

Ball pythons don't come with a lot of health concerns. They're also one of the hardier species of snakes, which is great for beginner snake owners. While you want to do all the research to care for your ball python, you may still make mistakes while learning. Having a tougher snake that can be more forgiving means small mistakes you might make may not have any ill effect on your snake. 

Ball pythons are affordable

Some snakes can cost a lot. They can also be financially demanding to care for. Ball pythons are one of the more affordable snakes. You can set them up with a great enclosure that's still budget-friendly. It should have a digital thermometer, a good-sized water dish, a thick branch, a rock, and hiding places. You can buy things they can hide in or make your own with some boxes to save some money. 


Ball pythons can be fun to handle, and to watch as they slowly slither through their enclosure. If you're ready to take the next step and buy a reptile, consider all the great things about a ball python.

Reach out to a pet store or breeder to learn more about ball pythons for sale.