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Be Prepared For These Small Challenges When Bringing Home A Whoodle

Whoodles can be wonderful dogs. They have a lot of positive traits, such as being very cuddly and highly intelligent. However, like any dog breed, they do also have some traits that are seen as less ideal or more challenging to handle. Luckily, the challenges associated with bringing home a whoodle are rather easy to address as long as you have some idea of what you're getting into. Here are some tips for managing the most common challenges people face after buying a whoodle.

Challenge #1: The whoodle is chewing your shoes and other items.

Whoodles are known for chewing and other similarly mischievous behavior. They tend to grab shoes and other items to chew when you're not at home or when they feel you're not paying enough attention to them. If your whoodle is chewing, it's generally because they are not receiving enough stimulation and entertainment. They are very intelligent dogs and need their minds to be occupied almost constantly. Try buying your whoodle some interactive puzzle toys. A toy that dispenses treats as your dog plays with it is a good choice. If your whoodle has other things to do, they are less likely to resort to chewing.

Challenge #2: The whoodle wants to play all the time and won't settle down.

Some of this might just be puppy energy. Like many breeds, whoodles tend to be really energetic when they are young, and they calm down as they get older. However, your whoodle may also not be getting enough exercise. They sometimes really need to tire themselves out before they take any interest in relaxing, cuddling, or sitting still. Try taking your whoodle to an off-leash dog park where they can run and play. Or, play some fetch with them in the backyard. The more running they get in, the better.

Challenge #3: The whoodle is overwhelming other dogs.

You introduce your whoodle to another dog. They play so long and with so much energy that the other dog gets annoyed. Does this sound familiar? This is a common issue when you introduce a whoodle to a less energetic dog. Try playing with your whoodle before the introduction. Take them for a long walk, or play fetch for a half hour. If they're already a bit tired, they may relax sooner and are less likely to overwhelm the other dog.

Now that you know how to address common challenges, you're more ready than ever to bring home your own whoodle! To learn more, contact a breeder who has whoodle puppies for sale