Learning to Live With Pets

Why a Yorkie Puppy Could be a Great Choice for Your Next Pet

Are you interested in getting a dog, but aren't yet sure what type to get? If you are looking for a smaller dog that also has high energy and other positive attributes, here's are a few qualities that make Yorkie puppies an excellent choice:

They are Small and Alert

Many people consider Yorkies to be "lapdogs." Their small size makes it easy to take your new best friend with you on road trips and may even allow you to bring them with you into some stores or other public and commercial buildings. But small does not mean timid or shy, and that could be important if you also want a good watchdog for your house. While many dogs will start barking when someone comes to the door, Yorkies are known to be especially alert, territorial, and protective of their homes. Don't be surprised if your Yorkie lets you know there's someone outside before you could ever have realized that fact yourself.

They Have Above-Average Intelligence

The exact intelligence ranking of Yorkies may differ from expert to expert, but in general, most dog psychologists will tell you that Yorkies possess above-average intelligence. Yorkies typically have no issues responding to human commands and can learn new tricks with ease. This intelligence can also help you correct any misbehaviors your Yorkie exhibits. You can inform your Yorkie it is doing something wrong and with proper reinforcement, the dog's intelligence level will allow it to quickly learn the right way to go about things, which can include useful behaviors like teaching it to avoid certain parts of your house or how to politely request to be let out when it needs to relieve itself.

They are Easy to Live With and to Clean Up After

All dogs are capable of making a mess from time to time, but a Yorkie's high energy more commonly translates into affection for its owner as opposed to chewing up the sofa cushion. If you want a dog that won't have you vacuuming its fur off the carpet on a regular basis and one that will generally be a very good "doggo" for you, you can't go wrong with a Yorkie.

Additionally, if you are allergic to dogs, a Yorkie is a hypoallergenic solution. Their fur is finer and in some ways more similar to hair than many dogs' fur. They don't shed seasonally, which means that they'll produce far fewer allergens than dogs that shed regularly. 

If you are interested in getting a Yorkie or learning more about them, contact a local breeder or pet store about Yorkie puppies for sale today.