Learning to Live With Pets

Want To Get Your Child Their First Puppy? 2 That Will Work Well

If you want to get your child their first puppy, you have many choices to make. This can make it very difficult and overwhelming. To help you get started below are two breeds that you should consider. These two breeds will work well for children, as well as for the rest of the family. Keep reading to learn information about them.

1. Cockapoo

The cockapoo is a cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel. They come in a variety of colors including white, brown, tan, and black/white. These puppies are generally loving and happy so the dog my love to sit on your child's lap and lounge.

Cockapoos do not shed so if your child has allergies this dog would be perfect for them. This also means you have less cleanup in your home. Even though Cockapoos love to run, swim, and have fun outside, they do not require a lot of exercise. Even if you live in the city, a cockapoo would be a great dog for your child.

The only downfall to the cockapoo is they have to be groomed regularly. If not, their curly hair will grow too long, and if this happens, the hair will easily mat if you do not brush it every single day. Take the dog to a groomer on a regular basis to keep their hair short.

In most cases, you will find cockapoos weigh around 30 pounds full-grown and are around 10 to 15 inches tall.

2. Beagle

The beagle was originally bred for hunting, but many people today have them as pets. They are very affectionate dogs and love to play outside, go on walks, and investigate trails. The beagle generally gets along with other dogs well, and they have a calm manner. A beagle never seems to get tired, however, so your child will have to play with it a lot. This will keep the beagle happy. Fortunately, there are many things you and your child can do to prevent the dog from getting bored.

Beagles are smart dogs, but this breed does shed. Because of this, you need to brush the dog on a regular basis and give it a bath every couple of weeks.

Beagles can get up to 15 inches tall and weight approximately 10 to 30 pounds. There are small beagles (known as teacup beagles) if you want a very small dog. These tend to be very expensive, however.

Once you determine the breed that you want, let your child help you pick out the new puppy. For more information on finding cockapoo puppies for sale, contact your local breeder!