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3 Fast Facts To Know Before Adopting A French Bulldog

Bringing a new puppy into your home and family's life is exciting, but it requires a great deal of education and discipline. Each dog breed has its own unique traits, so learning the details of your puppy's specific breed is imperative if you want to give them a healthy and happy life. Before adopting a French bulldog puppy, you should learn more about this breed. While cute, the breed does have many unique traits. With this guide, you will learn some interesting facts about the French bulldog.

They Breathe Loud

English, French, and American bulldogs are all loud, heavy breathers. If you want a dog that is quiet, the bulldog is not the breed for you.

Bulldogs are the most common Brachycephalic dogs, meaning they have short heads, flat faces, and very short noses, too. Due to this shape, breathing can be difficult. Your French bulldog may snort while breathing and pant a great deal, especially when trying to cool off. Most bulldogs will snore loudly while sleeping, as well.

They Have Digestive and Skin Issues

You may be surprised to learn that your bulldog puppy has a few digestive and skin/coat issues. First and foremost, prepare yourself for your dog's flatulence. Bulldogs are famous for passing gas, which has a very prominent foul odor. This gas stems from the bulldog's flat face, which causes your dog to eat too quickly. Eating too quickly prevents your dog from digesting food normally, resulting in constipation and gas.

Excessive shedding and skin irritations are also common in bulldogs. In many cases, the coat and skin issues are due to a food allergy. Many French bulldogs are allergic to grain or corn, so you may need to feed your dog a more expensive food that contains protein only.

They Aren't Very Social

As long as you take good care of your dog, the French bulldog will love you forever. However, socializing this breed with others can be a bit more difficult.

Your puppy will be a bit standoffish with new people and they may even show some aggression when meeting new dogs. To reduce the risk of any socialization problems, begin training early. Make sure to bring your new bulldog puppy around friends, family, and other dogs early.

Encourage positive behavior with verbal praise, back and belly rubs, and healthy treats.

With proper understanding and a great deal of patience, adopting a French bulldog can be a truly rewarding experience. Check out places like Redwood Legend for more information.